Our Mission

To intellectually challenge, morally develop and to inspire
children and young adults through storiesĀ 

Humans have long taught values to their children through stories. When we listen to a story, not only are the language processing parts of our brain activated, but also the parts of the brain that are involved in experiencing events. We tend to live the best stories in our heads, not just listen to them. Stories are the best way to communicate ideas and values; our brains are wired that way. This website is our humble attempt to make sure that the best stories out there get the widest consumption that they should.


Who we are

We are a father-daughter duo of bookworms. We started this as Meggie's summer project which has grown beyond our expectations. We have a Facebook page where we invite our readers to contribute suggestions, books that we should review, and feedback on our reviews. You can message us privately on our Facebook page, or leave a comment on one of our posts.

A bit more about us below:


I am a 9-year old girl who loves reading books. I started this website because I was bored over summer.


I am Meggie's father, and I've always loved reading books. I am thrilled that Meggie shares my passion for books. We read our first book - Inkheart - together when she was 5 years old - I'd read one page, and then she'd read one. It took us more than 6 months to get through that book.

As Meggie has grown up, I have found an unexpected joy in reading her books. I think books for adults have gotten more complicated and more abstract, while books for a younger demographic still focus on beautiful stories, well told.

As the father of a daughter, I'm especially concerned about the messages that are conveyed in books; so as I review books with Meggie, I pay particular attention to what messages these books tell our children. I hope you will find this perspective useful.


How we support this website

This website makes money through affiliate links to Amazon. We are a non-profit; we donate our earnings to Meggie's favorite charities (animals and nature) and Mo's preferred charities (around children).