Little Fox in the Forest

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Title: Little Fox in the Forest

Author: Stephanie Graegin

Rating: Exceptional

Main characters: A school-going girl, and a fox.

Mo (Exceptional)

This is an excellent picture book - the unique thing about it is that it has no text at all! The entire story is told in pictures, which forces the reader to form the story in their head. The pictures themselves are richly detailed. You find yourself noticing all the details in each of the picture frames, and as a result, each time you read the story to a child, each retelling is different and unique.

The story is a simple one about a girl who has a favorite stuffed toy. One day, at the playground, a little fox runs away with the stuffed toy. The girl gives chase, and searches through the forest for her stuffed toy.Her friend, a boy, wanting to help, also joins her in her chase. In the end, they find a village of animals deep inside the forest, and eventually locate the little fox. Only to find the fox deeply attached to the stuffed toy.

It is a beautiful story of attachment and sharing. The final frames of the story illustrate the message of the story very well.

I loved this book, and read it to my children all the time.

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