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Title: Wonder

Author: RJ Palacio

Rating: 5 stars (own the book, read multiple times)

Meggie (5 stars)

I loved how in this book, the author almost showed the life of this miserable 10 year old kid who has a facial deformity (it's too long for me to mention) and how his life changed so much for him, his family, and the school Beecher Prep. In this book, 10 year old Auggie Pullman started school for the first time, changing not only himself, but around 750 other kids attending Beecher Prep and some of their families. You can just imagine how hard it is for a kid with a facial deformity to attend a public school.

I liked how a few of the children were very welcoming of Auggie, like Summer Dawson who was open to having lunch with Auggie. Jack Will protected Auggie from the school bully, going to the extent of punching him in the face when he called Auggie a freak.

What kept the book a page turner was how this protective circle of his friends and their parents helped him navigate the issues he faced throughout the school year.

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